Bleach TYBW 16 spoilers

Definitely a good episode. Some good fighting. The posturing between Urahara and Kurotsuchi was entertaining. Urahara is always entertaining, though.

I'm wondering what Kenpachi is doing right now. Is this happening while he's still training with Unohana?

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A few more new from this cour that I've watched. I think this will be the last set of them. None of the rest of them look interesting to me. So, here's the rest that I've seen.

Sacrificial Princess and the King of Beasts: I won't be watching any more of this one. It wasn't particularly interesting. It's kind of a Beauty and the Beast thing, with some weird Egyptian mythology mixed in.

Oshi no Ko: This one is interesting. A doctor, who's a huge fan of a particular idol, is killed and reincarnated as her son. After reincarnation, he retains his memory of his former life. Although this seems like a good show, the first episode is basically a short movie: one hour and 22 minutes. It really should've been split into three episodes. It even seems like it was written as three episodes, as it had three distinct parts. But, it looks like that's just the first episode. Additional episodes are a normal length.

The Marginal Service: This is kind of Men in Black meets X-Files. A group of very secret government agents are tasked with keeping peace with cryptids who live among normal people. Definitely interesting. Some good action: explosions and all that.

Blue Orchestra: School drama about a guy who gave up the violin, because his famous violinist dad cheated on his mom, but is being forced to teach a girl who's bad at the violin. Seems interesting enough. It seems the show will mostly be about him starting a school orchestra as a way to heal from his pain of his father's betrayal.

A Galaxy Next Door: A young manga artist, who is the legal guardian of his younger siblings after their parent's death, meets a princess from a mystical hidden island who is his biggest fan, and becomes his assistant. It's a pretty cute family comedy.

The Café Terrace and its Goddesses: A harem anime about a young man who inherits his estranged grandmother's café, only to learn there's a bunch of women living at the café and running it. He was going to tear it down and sell the property, but decides to try and revive his grandma's business, and live with these women. There's lots of fanservice in this one ("oops, didn't mean to walk in on you in the bath"), but the story is actually pretty good.

My Clueless First Friend: This was cute, but I won't be watching anymore. It's an elementary school comedy about an outcast girl, who gets called "Grim Reaper" by her classmates, who gets befriended by a new boy who mistakenly believes that she's actually a shinigami, and thinks she has mysterious powers. It sounds cute enough, but it was a little tedious.

So, that's it. That's all the new anime that I'm watching this season.

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Here's a few more new from this current cour I've recently watched.

World Dai Star: I have to admit that I fell asleep a bit while watching the first episode. That's not because it wasn't interesting, but because I'm an old man who needs my sleep and was watching it late at night. As an actor, I liked this one. It's about an aspiring actress trying to get into some world-renowned theater company. She's got some competition from other actresses (including one from Germany, whose German accent is terrible). She also seems to have some sort of imaginary friend, or something like that. I think it'll become more apparent in later episodes. In any case, it was entertaining in the same kind of way that CUE! was.

Insomniacs After School: The title summarizes it pretty well. It's a school show about two kids who have insomnia, and hang out together late at night when they can't sleep. So far, pretty good for a school comedy.

Yuri is my Job: Stuck-up popular girl is forced to get a job at a maid cafe. But at this cafe, instead of dressing up like maids, they perform as school girls. And there's a whole backstory that their supposed to follow. I'm not sure I'll keep watching this one. It wasn't that interesting. But I'll give it another episode before I decide.

Konosuba: Girl at a Hogwarts-type school who wants to learn explosive magic, like a mage she met as a little girl, but everybody tells her explosive magic is a joke, and she should ignore it. It's pretty good so far. Fantasy and school comedy elements.

I've still got a few more new ones I'm going to check out, including My Clueless First Friend, The Marginal Service, The Café Terrace, Otaku Elf, A Galaxy Next Door, and Blue Orchestra. I'll write about those after I get around to watching their premiere episodes.

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More new that I've watched.

My Home Hero: Dad kills a Yakuza member for retaliation for beating up his daughter. It's pretty dark, but interesting.

Kizuna no Allele: Basically, it's a girl who wants to be famous in the Metaverse. Kind of a commentary on TikTok, and the whole creators seeking fame thing. A little cutesy. Pretty good J-pop.

Skip and Loafer: School comedy that centers on a girl who has moved from the sticks to the big city, and has big ambitions, and a handsome guy who befriends her when they're both late to their new school's opening ceremony. Likable characters. Nice storyline.

New cour, so here's what I've watched from the new batch so far, and my thoughts.

The Dangers in my Heart, a.k.a., Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu: Well, this one is very weird. It's about a psychopathic kid who fantasizes about killing people, especially, a particular classmate of his, and how she befriends him. It's pretty messed up, but it's mostly played like a school comedy where the bubbly girl gets the loner boy to come out of his shell. Honestly, if I end up dropping an anime, it'll probably be this one.

Hell's Paradise, a.k.a., Jigokuraku: Set in the feudal era, about a shinobi who has killed a lot of people. He's a criminal who is trying to get a pardon from the Shogun by finding some sort of mystical Elixir of Life. This one looks like it's pretty interesting, but I can't really tell for sure yet, since the main plot hasn't really started yet. I'll keep watching, at least for now.

My Love Story with Yamada-kun at Lvl 999, a.k.a. Yamada-kun to Lv999 no Koi o Suru: Teenage love triangle between some MMORPG gamers. Girl starts playing this game to spend time with her boyfriend, until he dumps her for another girl he met in the game. She keeps playing, and then tricks some other guy in the game into pretending to be her boyfriend to make her ex jealous. It's cute. Entertaining enough. I'll keep watching.

I'll add on to this thread as I watch more series premieres.

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Hulu and Netflix both have a surprisingly good selection of

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I've been using this account as my primary for about a week now, and I'm think I'm settled on using it for the foreseeable future, so I guess it's time to do another post.

I'm a dad of four kids, and a web developer. I have a college degree in (or ) and had aspirations of being an actor. I kind of fell into web development as a career. It was a hobby back in high school, and I just needed to pay some bills after college, so I ended up doing this.

I always have aspirations to do other things, but for now, I'm pretty happy spending most of my time as a dad and husband.

Some day, I'd like to get back into , or maybe do some . I also enjoy and will, from time to time, post some , usually from somebody's .

I love , and usually watch at least one episode nearly every day. I like all really, though, as well as . I used to read a lot, but find I don't have as much time or mental capacity for it as I used to. I also enjoy watching , and have really been enjoying the new episodes of lately.

Feel free to follow me if you think we have similar interests, and I may follow you back, if I think likewise. 👋


I'm really glad I finally decided to give SPY x FAMILY a try. It's a really cute, fun, enjoyable . Some nice action once in a while with some very likable characters.