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You thought Prodigy was too Star Wars-like? I think anyone watching that show needs to give it at least five or six episodes before forming an opinion of it.

After the first several episodes, it really evolves. And it's not just a good sequel to Voyager, it definitely feels a lot like Voyager. It's all about exploration, both of the galaxy, and of the characters themselves.

I might even say is the most of the new series, but it takes several episodes to get there.

I was watching yesterday, and got a new theory.

If the events of Voyage Home had never happened, there never would've been Cetacean Ops in 24th century starships.

My theory goes that when George and Gracie were brought to the 23rd century and saved Earth from the whale probe, humans realized that cetaceans were more intelligent than we'd previously thought.

Maybe Uhura and Dr. Taylor worked together to get the universal translator to work on whale and dolphin languages, and because of Scotty's clever modifications to the Klingon Bird of Prey they'd borrowed, they were able to start fitting Federation ships with similar tanks so that cetaceans could start joining Starfleet and serving on starships.

Without those events, Leiutenants Kimolu and Matt never would've gotten the opportunity to serve aboard the Cerritos.

STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE Showrunner Details William Shatner's Scrapped Return As Villainous Captain Kirk

Apparently Shatner's ego spared us from an awful planned plotline with Mirror Kirk stuck in the Phantom Zone escaping and battling Prime Archer.

Name your favorites from :

  • Uniform: Lower Decks
  • Spock: Nimoy, starting with Voyage Home. After his rebirth, Spock gained a lot of emotional intelligence that he didn't have before, and Leonard did a great job of incorporating that growth into the character.
  • Couple: Worf and K'Ehleyer
  • Character: Data
  • Starship: Enterprise-E
  • Villain: Kahn
  • Series:
  • Captain: Picard
  • Movie: First Contact

Keep Us Connected definitely is an earworm.

I've been humming it all morning.

Although, I did watch the episode twice yesterday, and a YouTube video of the song a couple times as well.

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SNW Subspace Rhapsody

Final Thoughts on Subspace Rhapsody.

Ever since I was a nerdy theater kid so many decades ago, I have been hoping for something like this. It hit me in all the feels.

During the final number, when they were monitoring the Improbability Levels, it definitely reminded me of the Improbability Drive from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. It seemed just as silly, in the best way possible.

The brief interlude in the finale with rapping Klingons was just chef's kiss.

I loved that Uhura really got to shine in this episode, since she was the most musical character in the Original Series.

On the negative side, I still really wish they wouldn't kept shoehorning Jim Kirk into this season. I have no problem with his characterization or the actor, but his presence seems unnecessary, and just a silly (not in a good way) attempt to connect it to TOS more than is necessary.

But, all in all, I absolutely loved this episode, so very much.

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SNW Subspace Rhapsody

Celia Rose Gooding is so impressive. Uhura's solo number is so beautiful, touching, moving, emotional, and brilliantly sung.

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SNW Subspace Rhapsody

"Nobody wants a singing Klingon"

You have no idea how much I want a singing Klingon. Preferably Kor. I really would've liked Kor to show up singing.

Just the opening scene from Subspace Rhapsody is making me so very happy.

You guys have no idea how long I've wanted a Star Trek musical.

So, has an upcoming musical episode, Subspace Rhapsody. I know it looks really silly, but also incredibly fun.

There are a few perfect episodes: City on the Edge of Forever, Measure of a Man, Far Beyond the Stars.

Those Old Scientists might be one of them.

That episode when Captain Kirk goes crazy because nobody else can see the Andorian on the outer hull of the ship.

One of my favorite scenes in is in the Original Series episode, Charlie X. Many of the crewmen are hanging out in the rec room; Spock is playing a song on his lyre; Uhura decides to start making up a song about him.

It's such a simple scene of a bunch of friends just hanging out.

None of the other series really have any scenes like this, and I think that's a shame.

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Mild spoiler for Strange New Worlds

I don't have any particular sensory issues and it really bothered me too. I was watching with headphones and I had to take them off whenever the tinnitus started back up.

I think the sound designer made a really bad choice there.

Star Trek: SNW 2x03 spoilers

They've got to stop doing weird time travel episodes as an excuse to shoehorn Kirk into the series. The series can stand on its own without constantly hearkening forward to the Original Series.

Also, she went back to the 21st century? Looks like about our time. And Khan was just a little boy? He was an adult conquering nations in the 90s, but he's a little boy in the 2020s?

They don't really care about the established timeline at all, do they?

I just learned that 🖖.st is a valid domain, but it's parked by this stupid company, emoji boutique. They're charging $2500 if you want to buy it from them.

What a waste of an excellent domain. https://🖖.st/ should absolutely be a fan site.

This is how Star Trek: Generations should have ended. With Spock saying goodbye to his friend.


Picard 3x09 spoilers

I honestly didn't think it would be the Borg. I am legitimately confused because last season, it seemed like Borg-Jurati had made peace with the Federation. I thought that Jurati as the Borg Queen would mean no more Borg conflicts.

I was kind of hoping it would be Pah-Wraiths.

And the Borg/Changeling alliance makes so little sense.

As a side note, Data definitely still has some Lore left in him. When he semi-jokingly says to Geordi, "I hope we die quickly", that definitely felt more like Lore than Data.

And Geordi restoring the Enterprise-D in his garage for the last twenty years makes so much sense. That was beautiful.

Got these for my birthday.

The twin bat'leths are reproductions of the Sword of Kahless.

I actually was only supposed to get one, but it got lost in the mail, so they sent me another one for free, then the original showed up.

Hanging on the wall, on the right, a Federation flag; on the left, two bat'leths, pointed towards each other, as if to form a circle.

Hanging on the wall, on the right, a Federation flag; on the left, two bat'leths, pointed towards each other, as if to form a circle.

Quantum Leap (2022) 1x16 and Star Trek: Picard 3x06 spoilers

I had a weird thought this morning.

In , all the promo material for this season made us think that Brent Spiner was playing Lore, only for us to learn that he's actually a Lore/Data split personality thing. It was pretty well done, in my opinion, and is turning out to be interesting for the plot.

In last week's episode of , they revealed at the end that Ziggy herself is the mole in the project. What if the same thing is happening to Ziggy that's happening to Data? What if that's not just Ziggy, but someone got a hold of Lothos, and incorporated Lothos's programming into Ziggy, and now she's fighting with herself?

It was also implied that Lothos had more control over the leaps in the Evil Leaper Project than Ziggy had in Project Quantum Leap. So, if Ziggy has incorporated Lothos, she might be actually controlling Ben's leaps.

I doubt they're going to do this. They did mention the evil leapers, but it doesn't seem like they really want to get into it, but then again, why mention it if they didn't want to incorporate them more into the story?