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Picard 3x05 spoilers

This is what I get for watching the episode before I start work in the morning. I think I'm going to need to take a personal day to emotionally recover from that.

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Picard 3x05 spoilers

Do you remember that show, Chuck, from the mid naughties? Chuck was a regular guy who had information stuffed into his brain, and then after a couple seasons, he also had fighting techniques stuffed in. That's what I'm getting from Jack's flashes right now.

To be honest, that was the part of this episode that I didn't like.

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Picard 3x05 spoilers

I had a feeling Ro Laren would come back. But, I didn't expect her to die.

This is an emotionally exhausting episode, but it's dang good .

Picard 3x05 spoilers

I knew he wasn't really dead, but even still. When Worf fell and said, "Today was a good day to die", I actually shouted out "No!!"

I don't think I breathed until he got back up.

Do Starfleet ships adjust the ship's chronometer for ?

We had today, and have tomorrow. Now, if we only had a new series running right now that aired on Fridays, the last half of the week would be set.

Picard 3x02 spoilers and speculation

Alright, Worf is Starfleet Intelligence and he was Raffi's secret handler. Cool.

Now there is speculation that there will be a Worf/Raffi spinoff. That would be a cool show, but how about this?

Starfleet Intelligence could just mean Starfleet Intelligence, but it could also mean Section 31. That would explain why Worf was being so shadowy about his identity towards Raffi. Maybe he's now a senior Section 31 agent, and Raffi didn't even know she was working for them.

It would also explain Worf's cavalier attitude towards killing those guys. Worf is nothing if not honorable, and that killing would not be very honorable for a regular Starfleet officer, but it would be honorable for a covert Section 31 officer.

So, if Worf is Section 31, and he might be in a spinoff series, maybe he'll be joined by another Section 31 agent who shows up through a temporal wormhole.

While a Worf/Raffi series would be good, how much more awesome would a Worf/Georgieou series be?

Picard 3x02 spoilers

Alright, Shaw. You've redeemed yourself a little bit. Maybe Jean-Luc will rub off on you a bit.

Picard 3x02 spoiler

Worf was Raffi's handler! Oh my gosh! I did not see that coming.

His last minute save was amazing!

If I could go back in time and change one thing about nineties Star Trek, it would be to give Lursa and B'Etor another sister. Just so that somebody today could make a Star Trek/Hamilton parody replacing the Schuyler Sisters with the Duras Sisters.

🎶 Lursa, B'Etor, and L'ajil. The Duras Sisters. We're looking for glory for our house, house. 🎶

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Picard 3x01 Spoiler

Beverly's son!? Would that also be Jean-Luc's son?

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Picard 3x01 Spoiler

When Seven introduced herself to Will as Annika, I thought for a moment "That's interesting character development"

Then when she said her captain prefers she use that name, I thought, "What a freaking prick. He's forcing her to use her deadname." 😠

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Picard 1x01 Spoiler

I knew Raffi must be undercover, but a small part of me was worried that was real. Seven dumped her and she fell off the wagon‽ Couldn't be!

mention of sexual assault

I was playing around with , by making various celebrities into characters on .

Most of them worked pretty well, and I got entertaining results.

Then I tried the prompt "Michael Jackson as an alien on Star Trek: Voyager".

I got a response "It looks like this request may not follow our content policy".

I tried an almost identical prompt with a different celebrity, and it worked fine.

So, that was weird. I then tried other, completely innocuous, prompt involving Michael Jackson, and every time was met with the same warning: prompts such as "Michael Jackson in a field of flowers" or "Michael Jackson singing on stage". Each one gave me that error. Other members of the Jackson family could be used in prompts with no problem. Other people closely associated with Michael Jackson could be used.

Maybe, I think, it won't let me use him because of the abuse allegations. So, how about other well-known people suspected or known to have committed sexual abuse? I tried a few, with no problem: Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein, Andrew Cuomo, Brett Kavanaugh, Bill Clinton.

There was one other name I tried that also triggered the warning though: Bill Cosby. It seems like a racial thing now. But I did try a few other black men accused of sexual misconduct: R. Kelly, Cuba Gooding Jr, and Martin Lawrence. No problem with them.

So, why single out Michael Jackson and Bill Cosby as verboten? 🤷

One more thing: since I tried Bill Clinton and Brett Kavanaugh, I also tried a few other politicians that had no sex scandals. Got the same content policy warning with "Barack Obama" and "Michelle Obama". I really wanted to see what Michelle Obama would look like as a Starfleet admiral, but it just wouldn't.


I've been using this account as my primary for about a week now, and I'm think I'm settled on using it for the foreseeable future, so I guess it's time to do another post.

I'm a dad of four kids, and a web developer. I have a college degree in (or ) and had aspirations of being an actor. I kind of fell into web development as a career. It was a hobby back in high school, and I just needed to pay some bills after college, so I ended up doing this.

I always have aspirations to do other things, but for now, I'm pretty happy spending most of my time as a dad and husband.

Some day, I'd like to get back into , or maybe do some . I also enjoy and will, from time to time, post some , usually from somebody's .

I love , and usually watch at least one episode nearly every day. I like all really, though, as well as . I used to read a lot, but find I don't have as much time or mental capacity for it as I used to. I also enjoy watching , and have really been enjoying the new episodes of lately.

Feel free to follow me if you think we have similar interests, and I may follow you back, if I think likewise. 👋


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"Make a movie title less intense."

  • Star Trek: The Semi-static Picture
  • Star Trek II: The Hissyfit of Khan
  • Star Trek III: The Casual Look for Spock
  • Star Trek IV: The Stroll Home
  • Star Trek V: A Frontier
  • Star Trek VI: The Well-known Country
  • Star Trek: A Generation
  • Star Trek: Fifth Contact
  • Star Trek: Disagreement
  • Star Trek: Frenemy

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I need Nicholas Cage in the next season of Discovery, Lower Decks, or Strange New Worlds.

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I have not kept up with the comics the last few years. Have they given an explanation for how Sisko returned to normal life after being a god?

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In episode, "Day of the Dove", Kirk tells Kang to "go to the devil". I guess they couldn't say "hell" on primetime television in the 60s.

In any case, Kang replies, "We have no devil, Kirk."

Of course, eventually they introduce a devil-like figure to Klingon mythology: Fek'Ihr. He torments the souls of the dishonorable in the afterlife.

It's interesting to think that, despite the similarities, maybe Kang didn't see Fek'Ihr as being an actual corollary to the Christian version of Satan. To Klingons, there is no sin: no wicked and righteous. In fact, the first two Klingons created by the gods killed the very gods who created them.

So, to Klingons, wickedness has no meaning. Only honor and dishonor are important.

Fek'lhr Memory Alpha
Close-up of Klingon mythological figure, Fek'Ihr. He appears as a feral Klingon, hair in disarray, ridges overy most of his face (rather than just his forehead), fangs beared

Close-up of Klingon mythological figure, Fek'Ihr. He appears as a feral Klingon, hair in disarray, ridges overy most of his face (rather than just his forehead), fangs beared

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And to answer my question, NBC brought back from its winter hiatus. 🎉

I can do without new or for a little while while new episodes of Quantum Leap keep me entertained.

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