I decided I wanted to learn a little while back. I really want to expand my skill set. I've been a developer for a really long time, and I really like PHP, but I need to branch out some more.

I had an idea for a project, and decided that this project would be the perfect way for me to learn go.

But, I'm finding it really hard to make any headway on the project because there's so much to learn to make it work well.

Meanwhile, I'm finding that I really want to make this project a success, and with the extremely slow pace of building it in go, I'm thinking that maybe I should give up on that right now and build it in PHP after all. I could probably have a working MVP in a few weeks if I did it in PHP. And then tackle a less ambitious project in go later.

I can't decide which way to go. Maybe I could even build it in PHP and later rebuild it in go.

I've been using this account as my primary for about a week now, and I'm think I'm settled on using it for the foreseeable future, so I guess it's time to do another post.

I'm a dad of four kids, and a web developer. I have a college degree in (or ) and had aspirations of being an actor. I kind of fell into web development as a career. It was a hobby back in high school, and I just needed to pay some bills after college, so I ended up doing this.

I always have aspirations to do other things, but for now, I'm pretty happy spending most of my time as a dad and husband.

Some day, I'd like to get back into , or maybe do some . I also enjoy and will, from time to time, post some , usually from somebody's .

I love , and usually watch at least one episode nearly every day. I like all really, though, as well as . I used to read a lot, but find I don't have as much time or mental capacity for it as I used to. I also enjoy watching , and have really been enjoying the new episodes of lately.

Feel free to follow me if you think we have similar interests, and I may follow you back, if I think likewise. 👋