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Most important thing your MC experiences in time travel?

Meeting herself from different timelines.

She learns from this that, although she experienced hardships that most people don't, she still had some lucky breaks.

Also, three identical people, who lived nearly the same life, turning out to be very different people, allows her to hope, and realize that she has great power in shaping her own destiny.

Not that she believes in destiny.

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Describe your MC’s style as if in a fashion magazine.

Dorothy is sporting a simple, yet chic ensemble. She exudes a confident aura the complements her understated outfit perfectly.

Her plain white T-shirt hangs loosely, while the crew neckline elongates her neck, drawing attention gentle jawline.

Completing the outfit is a pair of sleek overalls, its denim material adding a touch of texture to her look.

She pairs her ensemble with a pair of comfortable, yet sturdy sneakers. She is ready for anything that may come her way.