If your opening scene had a theme song, what would it be?

The first three lines are actually the lyrics to Stand By Me.

Our hero's mother sang it to her as a child, and it comforts her when she's worried.

It's particularly appropriate because much of the theme of the story is about standing by your family, whether that family is biological, your found/chosen family, or your time clones.

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: What is your MC's morning routine like?

Dorothy starts off the day with breakfast, while reading the latest issue of Quantum Magazine, or Peter Woit's blog, Not Even Wrong.

She'll then go for a run with Toto. She's always tried to keep herself fit. When you're thirteen years old and might need to run away from an abusive step-parent, being physically fit can help you get away faster.

After a quick shower, and dressing in whatever clean (or at least not smelly) thing she can find, she catches the red line to campus.

During her travels in the future, however, her mornings are a bit different.

They usually have to find some breakfast first. Leo is pretty good at hunting down some small animals or something.

Sometimes, she might be lucky enough to find someplace to bathe.

But really, it's a different thing every day.

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