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Free Day: tropes I'm using

At some point during my development of the story, I decided I wanted to feature Temporal Duplication in this story.

Basically, Dorothy, after traveling to the future, is going to meet other versions of herself, older than her, who had traveled to this future at some point later in their lives.

But this will also result in Alternate Timelines as well. Basically, interference from her future selves results in changing her past, so, the duplicates are from different timelines.

There will also be aspects of a split timeline plot, but the split timelines will really only be discussed in flashback, so maybe that doesn't really count.

I still haven't figured out exactly how all of this will be resolved in the end, though.

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: What's the education system like in your world?

The story starts out in the present day, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

So, that's a pretty good education.

But, Dorothy is brilliant, and managed to get a full-ride scholarship. Most people are not that lucky. Even many people as brilliant as her can't manage to afford an education as good as hers.

Dorothy actually doesn't realize this, but she has kind of a guardian angel who has been helping her by making sure the right people know about her. Without this person secretly looking out for her, she wouldn't have had nearly the same opportunities. She would have eventually done okay, but it would've taken longer, and she would've missed out on some opportunities.

In the future world, to which she travels, education is much less formal. Some people are lucky to meet teachers and gain an education. Many just eek out an existence best they can.