I finally deleted my account. I was no longer using it, since they've made the free account nearly useless.

First it was limiting free accounts to three applets (I had dozens before that), and then it was disabling custom applets (most of mine were custom), and the final nail in the coffin was when they disabled the Webhooks service for free accounts. The grandfathered custom applets I was still using were all Webhooks.

They have nothing left for me because the service they built, primarily for free users, was taken away.

Oh, well. I've replaced it with a combination of n8n, Automate for Android (similar to Tasker), and a custom webhook server I built recently.

Well, continues to make its free tier even more useless.

They've decided to make their webhooks service (previously known as the Maker channel) only available on a Pro account.

So, in addition to only being able to use three recipes total, webhooks aren't even one of them.

I guess it's time for me to get webhooks working on my n8n installation, and completely delete my IFTTT account.

It used to be such a good service, and a nice alternative to Zapier for those who couldn't afford it. Now, it's still not as good as Zapier, and there's no point using it if you can't pay for it.