So, I'm actively looking for a new job (two weeks left before my layoff), and I just found an interesting method for generating cover letters.

I've been using ChatGPT for a little while, by simply prompting it with: "Please generate a cover letter for me for the following job posting:" and then pasting the post.

I've tweaked it a little bit, and am now getting much better results.

I started a new chat, and began it with:

For the remaining conversation, I'm going to ask for cover letters for various job postings. Here, I'll give you my resume, and would like you to base the cover letters off the experience listed in this resume. Here is my resume:

I pasted a plain text version of my resume after that.

It responded with:

Based on your extensive experience, here's a tailored cover letter

and a generic cover letter.

But, after that, in the same conversation, I do something like:

Please create a cover letter for me for the following job posting, based on my experience:

And I paste in the job posting after that.

Now, the cover letters I get include mentions of my previous work. It's not perfect, by any means. I still have to check it for inaccuracies, and weird word usage (it really likes the word "enthusiasms"), but now I can get job-specific cover letters, with my experience included, with very little effort.

I just had write a cover letter for me for a job application. It came out really well.