The warriors had already left the planet. They conquered the aliens, razed cities, and then left, as usual.

And now we were sent in to go through the wreckage and salvage remaining usable resources, as usual.

The warrior caste never really respected us. We were the "clean-up crew", but those of us in the reclamation caste knew that without our work, our way of life, our whole civilization, would be gone. If the warriors simply destroyed planets and we never came in to make use of their spoils, we'd all eventually just have to go back to our own planet, and only use what she provided us. And since our many wars had put her on life support, that wasn't even an option any more. We couldn't support our civilization's needs without our caste figuring out how to make use of the resources the warriors just ignored.

In any case, this world wasn't that interesting. The warriors had certainly conquered more advanced civilizations before. They didn't even have a real name for their planet. We'd translated many of their languages so far. Some of them called their planet "Globe", while some just called it "Dirt", which was strange since only about 30% of it was covered in dirt.

My team was going through an archipelago in the western edge of their largest ocean. And then we discovered something very interesting. In the midst of one of the heavily battled areas, we found one of their defeated warriors, wearing a very interesting battle suit. An inscription on the suit read "γ‚ΉγƒΌγƒ‘γƒΌζˆ¦ιšŠ", which we translated as Super Squadron. Couldn't be all that super if they were defeated.

But, for the fun of it, we tried on the suits. The aliens were about the same size as us, so it fit pretty well.

Well, these are no ordinary battle suits. The abilities it gave us were incredible, and when combined, gave us access to an incredibly powerful warship.

I honestly don't know how our warriors defeated them. But, we decided to keep these quiet, store them away. They might come in handy in the future.

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