Quantum Leap (2022) 1x16 and Star Trek: Picard 3x06 spoilers

I had a weird thought this morning.

In , all the promo material for this season made us think that Brent Spiner was playing Lore, only for us to learn that he's actually a Lore/Data split personality thing. It was pretty well done, in my opinion, and is turning out to be interesting for the plot.

In last week's episode of , they revealed at the end that Ziggy herself is the mole in the project. What if the same thing is happening to Ziggy that's happening to Data? What if that's not just Ziggy, but someone got a hold of Lothos, and incorporated Lothos's programming into Ziggy, and now she's fighting with herself?

It was also implied that Lothos had more control over the leaps in the Evil Leaper Project than Ziggy had in Project Quantum Leap. So, if Ziggy has incorporated Lothos, she might be actually controlling Ben's leaps.

I doubt they're going to do this. They did mention the evil leapers, but it doesn't seem like they really want to get into it, but then again, why mention it if they didn't want to incorporate them more into the story?

Quantum Leap (2022) 1x16 spoilers

Ziggy is the mole at Project Quantum Leap?

Are they sure that's actually Ziggy, and not Lothos?

That was some menacing lights she was showing at the end there.

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And to answer my question, NBC brought back from its winter hiatus. 🎉

I can do without new or for a little while while new episodes of Quantum Leap keep me entertained.

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