Describe your main character from the perspective of the antagonist

My current story doesn't exactly have an antagonist. My MC is kind of their own antagonist, so I'll let them introduce themself.

My name is ....

I don't suppose it really matters now. It's going to change soon.

I've lived this life for a very long time. The year is 2374. I was born in 2232. But I don't have long left.

The doctor tells me I probably have a few months left. I don't have the heart to tell him he's off by a few months. I've got maybe a few hours left.

I only know this because, every time I get this near the end of a life, some memories from my previous lives start to come back.

I'm starting to wonder where and who I'll be in a few hours. My lives aren't exactly in order, so I could end up in any time. My last life was in the 19th century. And before that, I was a colonist to Alpha Centauri. We've still got several years before we'll get there, thankfully.

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Joining this month.

: Badly introduce your time travel story.

A girl and her dog take the subway downtown, but don't have the fare to get back.

I haven't really written in a few months. I've been kind of out of it.

But I've had an idea rattling around in my brain for a while, and decided to finally start some work on it, even if just a little bit.

So, I'll be doing again in April with this short story/novella (not sure how long it'll be yet).

It's untitled as of yet, but it's a retelling of Wizard of Oz, in which Dorothy is a time traveler.

Day 1. Intro Tell two truths and one lie about your story.

  • Scarecrow will be an AI who wants real human intelligence.
  • Toto will be a Samoyed.
  • Dorothy will be a PhD student at MIT researching quantum wormholes.