I just learned that Andy Weir already wrote the short story that I've been working on for the past couple months.

His short story, The Egg is extremely similar to my .

😧 :rage1:

Describe your main character from the perspective of the antagonist

My current story doesn't exactly have an antagonist. My MC is kind of their own antagonist, so I'll let them introduce themself.

My name is ....

I don't suppose it really matters now. It's going to change soon.

I've lived this life for a very long time. The year is 2374. I was born in 2232. But I don't have long left.

The doctor tells me I probably have a few months left. I don't have the heart to tell him he's off by a few months. I've got maybe a few hours left.

I only know this because, every time I get this near the end of a life, some memories from my previous lives start to come back.

I'm starting to wonder where and who I'll be in a few hours. My lives aren't exactly in order, so I could end up in any time. My last life was in the 19th century. And before that, I was a colonist to Alpha Centauri. We've still got several years before we'll get there, thankfully.


I started a new story several weeks ago. As an aside, I'm really going to finish a story someday, and not just get 75% done and run out of steam.

Anyway, the current deals with reincarnation. I haven't taken part in any of the writing games, like because I couldn't figure out how to answer any of the questions. My MC is literally dozens of people spread across millennia.

How do I answer a question like "Is MC good at flirting?" Are we talking about the cavewoman, or the six year old girl in Detroit, or the rice farmer in medieval Japan who became a young widower? All of them are the MC.

Or a question about nice areas to visit. Should I be answering that question for the paleolithic Fertile Crescent or the colony ship to Alpha Centauri?

So, I decided I'm going to start taking part next month again (or, maybe I'll just jump in in the middle), and just pick a character and setting for each question. It might even give me some ideas for additional settings and incarnations.

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What character gave you trouble in your story?

There's a few.

Since I'm adapting an older story, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, into a futuristic time travel story, I've had to figure out how to transfer the original characters into my story so that they fit.

Each of Dorothy's traveling companions in the story needed some futuristic parallel. The scarecrow who wanted a brain (who became an AI), and the Tin Woodman who wanted a heart (who becomes a cyborg) were pretty easy.

The Cowardly Lion was more difficult. I eventually settled on a genetically modified person, who was upset that he now inspired fear in others, which kind of flips the script.

I've also not yet figured out how to adapt each of the random people/groups that they meet along the way, such as the Field Mice.

I've got a few pieces figured out, but it's still very much a work in progress.

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How physically fit is your MC?

She's very fit. She eats healthy and runs, with Toto, most days.