I stood before the great beast that had terrorized the small fishing village for months. The village elder had messaged the capital, saying that a giant, rabid halcyon had been attacking them.

I suppose a halcyon is the closest thing that these people might recognize. But this bird was no halcyon, calming the winds and the waves, helping the fisherman.

No, this firedrake was far from its home. And it was angry. And, they couldn't see it, but it was also scared.

Thankfully, they hadn't called for a knight. A knight would've just cut the beast down.

No, in their confusion, they had thankfully asked for me, the duke's chief birder, although most just called me the bird whisperer.

I could understand and help all avians, including this lost and scared firedrake.

It took time. I had to teach it to trust me. Rather, I had to teach her to trust me. In time, she told me her name. There's no way to write it unfortunately, and I couldn't pronounce it. She let me call her Branwen, "Blessed Raven", and she chose a draconian name for me.

By this point, she no longer frightened the village, and was no longer frightened by the village. She even thought about staying. They had come to respect her.

But she had family. She needed to see them again. So, we left together. I knew how to get back to her land. I'd been there before. I'd even met her village elder.

But before she left, she promised to return. They would miss her, this strange halcyon that had come to mean so much to them.

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Merlin has finally emerged from the castle.

Nobody had been able to breach the walls in the centuries since he'd entered. His magical protection was too powerful.

No one's quite sure how long he's been in there. It's been longer than the stories have been recorded. Most people didn't even believe he was actually there; just a myth that old wives told one another.

But now that he has emerged, nobody could doubt any longer.

But, what has kept him in there for so long? Some say that he had cast such a powerful spell, he's needed these many centuries to rest.

But really, it's was just clinomania. And since he's been FaceTiming with a new therapist, he finally felt ready to get out of bed.

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How long had we been chasing that whale? Every time we thought we had it, it got away. It pulled men under the waters with it. Half the crew is sleeping with Davy Jones.

And we've gone far, far from port. We've lost track of the shore. The stars are unfamiliar. Will we ever get back to Otago Harbor?

Where has that blasted whale brought us? I've never seen that lighthouse before. It's wrong somehow. These cliffs are completely unfamiliar. Are we even still in the South Pacific, or have we made it to the River Styx?

The Wellerman will not come.

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