My company has just announced that there will be a round of layoffs soon. They just laid off a bunch of C-levels. They're giving us the opportunity to "opt in" to "workforce reduction" with a promise of three months severance.

It's been pretty tumultuous here, lately, to be honest, and I'm considering it.

But, I've got a wife and four kids to take care of, and I've never willingly left a job when I didn't have another one already lined up. And we've got good benefits (healthcare and dental) right now, so I really don't want to give that up.

Maybe if I had something lined up with similar pay and benefits, I could do it.

So, I'm looking for any recommendations. I'm a developer (of roughly twenty years), who has been doing a lot of for the past year, and I've gotten very proficient at that as well.

I'm looking for a US-based company, and a Principal/Staff/Senior Developer role.

Anybody have any good leads? My website is at, and I can be emailed at [email protected].

Dan Jones

I got a computer for my kids for Christmas. I've been setting it up for them, and they really like playing retro games. So, in addition to RetroArch and a bunch of old console games, I also installed @[email protected] with a handful of adventure games that I've loved since I was a kid (Monkey Island, King's Quest, Maniac Mansion).

I'm looking for suggestions for other ScummVM compatible games that adventurous kids might like that may be less well known.

Any point and click adventure games you played as a kid that you could recommend?

:goose_honk: :linux:

I need the Internet to settle an argument.

Is banana bread bread or cake?

  • Bread 64% (25 votes)

  • Cake 33% (13 votes)

  • Other (leave a comment) 2% (1 votes)

Spoilers for WIP time travel story

I've got an idea for a novella I'm going to start writing soon (I've been in a small slump, lately). It's a time travel story with an interesting twist, but I'm curious if others will buy it.

The idea is that our hero will meet two other versions of herself who time traveled at some future point in their lives. So, let's call them 1, 2, and 3, where 3 is our hero.

1, in her 30s, travels forward about 1000 years, but can't get back. She tries to send a message to her younger self, a couple years before she left, to prevent her from going. But this backfires and she ends up making it so that 2 just invents time travel sooner, and travels forward to about the same time.

So, now 2 and 3 are both in the future. 2 is a few years younger (late twenties) than 3. They try to work together to undo this, but end up developing very different ideas, and have a falling out.

They work separately for several years, 1 becoming more bitter, while 2 becomes more hopeful. Eventually 2 has an idea, but she needs something that only 1 has, and 1 won't listen to her.

So, 2 sends a message back once more to an even younger version of themselves, 3, our hero, who's in her early twenties, and working on her PhD (maybe at MIT). 3 comes forward, and 2, in disguise, convinces her to go get the thing (haven't worked out what that is, but I'll come up with some appropriate technobabble) from 1.

The story starts, though, with 3, and her work in grad school that eventually culminates in her coming to the future.

So, I've been thinking about this, and am trying to decide if this is even believable (insofar as time travel stories are at all believable). So, what do y'all think? Would a plot like this work?

  • Yes, I'd find that believable 50% (2 votes)

  • It's about as believable as any other time travel story 50% (2 votes)

  • No, sorry, I don't buy that 0% (0 votes)

  • Other (comment below) 0% (0 votes)

Do you ever take a power nap during your work day?

Sometimes, I'll set a short alarm (about ten minutes), close my eyes, lean back in my chair, and take a really short nap. Does anybody else do this, or something like that, to refresh themselves during the day?

Comment with other suggestions on how to quickly refresh your brain in the middle of a work day.

  • Yes 42% (3 votes)

  • No 57% (4 votes)

  • I will now! 0% (0 votes)

  • I do something else 0% (0 votes)